Alexandre Richard

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Publications :

  • Pré-publication, Document de travail - 4 documents
    • Christian Olivera, Alexandre Richard, Milica Tomasevic. Quantitative particle approximation of nonlinear Fokker-Planck equations with singular kernel, 2020-12-29. (
    • Christian Olivera, Alexandre Richard, Milica Tomasevic. Particle approximation of the $2$-$d$ parabolic-elliptic Keller-Segel system in the subcritical regime, 2020-04-08. (
    • Alexandre Richard, Xiaolu Tan, Fan Yang. Discrete-time Simulation of Stochastic Volterra Equations, 2020-04-02. (
    • Alexandre Richard, Denis Talay. Hölder continuity in the Hurst parameter of functionals of Stochastic Differential Equations driven by fractional Brownian motion, 2016-05-30. (
  • Article dans une revue - 10 documents
  • Rapport - 1 document
    • Alexandre Richard, Arnaud Caudron, Etienne Chanez, Hervé Decourciere, Victor Frossard, Jean Guillard, Maud Hautier, Eric Mudakikwa, Alice Muzana, Marie-Elodie Perga, Guy Periat, Anne Tessier, Tuyisenge Janvière, Jean-Pierre Descy. CONDUCTING FISH STUDIES ON LAKE KIVU AND REINFORCEMENT OF PLANKTON CAPACITIES, 2020-02-01. (
  • Chapitre d'ouvrage - 1 document
    • Alexandre Richard, Denis Talay. Noise sensitivity of functionals of fractional Brownian motion driven stochastic differential equations: Results and perspectives, 2017-11-22. (
  • Thèse - 1 document