Andrea Barbarulo

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Publications :

  • Article dans une revue - 6 documents
    • B. Favoretto, C.A. de Hillerin, O. Bettinotti, V. Oancea, Andrea Barbarulo. Reduced order modeling via PGD for highly transient thermal evolutions in additive manufacturing, 2019-03. (
    • R. Cettour-Janet, Andrea Barbarulo, F. Letourneaux, G. Puel. An Arnoldi reduction strategy applied to the semi-analytical finite element method to model railway track vibrations, 2019-02-01. (
    • Alessandro Cattabiani, Andrea Barbarulo, Hervé Riou, Pierre Ladevèze. Extension of the variational theory of complex rays to orthotropic shallow shell structures, 2016-07-25. (
    • Alessandro Cattabiani, Hervé Riou, Andrea Barbarulo, Pierre Ladevèze, Guillaume Bézier, Bernard Troclet. The Variational Theory of Complex Rays applied to the shallow shell theory, 2015-10. (
    • Andrea Barbarulo, Hervé Riou, Louis Kovalevsky, Pierre Ladevèze. PGD-VTCR: A Reduced Order Model Technique to Solve Medium Frequency Broad Band Problems on Complex Acoustical Systems, 2015-05-15. (
    • Andrea Barbarulo, Pierre Ladevèze, Hervé Riou, Louis Kovalevsky. Proper Generalized Decomposition applied to linear acoustic: A new tool for broad band calculation, 2014. (
  • Communication dans un congrès - 8 documents
  • PATENT - 2 documents
    • Robin S Langley, Andrea Barbarulo, Louis Kovalevsky. Apparatus and method for determining statistics of electric current in an electrical system exposed to diffuse electromagnetic fields, 2015-12-16. (
    • Robin S Langley, Louis Kovalevsky, Andrea Barbarulo. Apparatus and method for determining statistical mean and maximum expected variance of electromagnetic energy transmission between coupled cavities, 2015-12-16. (