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  • Biotechnologie Industrielle, Microalgues, spirulina, levure, procédés, bioreacteurs

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  • Communication dans un congrès - 2 documents
  • Pré-publication, Document de travail - 1 document
    • Hassan Khalil, Estelle Legin, Bernard Kurek, Patrick Perre, Behnam Taidi. Morphological growth pattern of Phanerochaete chrysosporium cultivated on different Miscanthus x giganteus biomass fractions, 2021-03-19. (
  • Article dans une revue - 16 documents
    • Hasna Nait M’barek, Soukaina Arif, Behnam Taidi, Hassan Hajjaj. Consolidated bioethanol production from olive mill waste: Wood-decay fungi from central Morocco as promising decomposition and fermentation biocatalysts, 2020-12. (
    • Christos Nitsos, Rayen Filali, Behnam Taidi, Julien Lemaire. Current and novel approaches to downstream processing of microalgae: A review, 2020-12. (
    • Jing Zhang, Thi-Bich-Thuy Tran, Behnam Taidi, Pin Lu, Patrick Perre. Chlorella vulgaris heterotrophic colony development and interaction, 2020-08. (
    • Angéla La, Huan Du, Behnam Taidi, Patrick Perre. A predictive dynamic yeast model based on component, energy, and electron carrier balances, 2020. (
    • Carole Lambert, Julien Lemaire, Helene Auger, Arnaud Guilleret, Romain Reynaud, Christophe Clément, Eric Courot, Behnam Taidi. Optimize, Modulate, and Scale-up Resveratrol and Resveratrol Dimers Bioproduction in Vitis labrusca L. Cell Suspension from Flasks to 20 L Bioreactor, 2019-12. (
    • Angela La, Patrick Perre, Behnam Taidi. Process for symbiotic culture of Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Chlorella vulgaris for in situ CO2 mitigation, 2019. (
    • Hasna Nait M'Barek, Behnam Taidi, Touhami Smaoui, Mohamed Ben Aziz, Aouatef Mansouri, Hassan Hajjaj. Isolation, screening and identification of ligno-cellulolytic fungi from northern central Morocco, 2019. (
    • Thomas Chastang, Victor Pozzobon, Behnam Taidi, Eric Courot, Christophe Clément, Dominique Pareau. Resveratrol production by grapevine cells in fed-batch bioreactor: Experiments and modelling, 2018-03. (
    • Wendie Levasseur, Behnam Taidi, Robin Lacombe, Patrick Perre, Victor Pozzobon. Impact of seconds to minutes photoperiods on Chlorella vulgaris growth rate and chlorophyll a and b content, 2018. (
    • Hela Ben Amor Ben Ayed, Behnam Taidi, H. Ayadi, Dominique Pareau, Moncef Stambouli. The Use of Chlorella Vulgaris to Accumulate Magnesium under Different Culture Conditions, 2017-03-24. (
    • Liliana Delgadillo-Mirquez, Filipa Lopes, Behnam Taidi, Dominique Pareau. Nitrogen and phosphate removal from wastewater with a mixed microalgae and bacteria culture, 2016-09. (
    • Hela Ben Amor-Ben Ayed, Behnam Taidi, Dominique Pareau, Moncef Stambouli. Magnesium Uptake by the Green Microalga Chlorella vulgaris in Batch Cultures, 2016-03-28. (
    • Behnam Taidi, Guillaume Lebernede, Lothar Koch, Patrick Perre, Boris Chichkov. Colony development of laser printed eukaryotic (yeast and microalga) microorganisms in co-culture, 2016. (
    • Hela Ben Amor-Ben Ayed, Behnam Taidi, Habib Ayadi, Dominique Pareau, Moncef Stambouli. Effect of magnesium ion concentration in autotrophic cultures of Chlorella vulgaris, 2015-05. (
    • Barbara Clement-Larosière, Filipa Lopes, Ana Gonçalves, Behnam Taidi, Marc Benedetti, Michel Minier, Dominique Pareau. Carbon dioxide biofixation by Chlorella vulgaris at different CO2 concentrations and light intensities, 2014-09. (
    • Celine Leitao, Eric Marchioni, Martine Bergaentzle, Minjie Zhao, Luc Didierjean, Behnam Taidi, Saïd Ennahar. Effects of Processing Steps on the Phenolic Content and Antioxidant Activity of Beer, 2011-02-23. (
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