Filippo Gatti

filippo.gatti [at]

Résumé :

  • High-fidelity physics-based source-to-structure earthquake simulation
  • Artificial Intelligence applied to seismology
  • Dynamic Soil-Structure Interaction coupling
  • High Performance Computing

Mots clés :

  • Computational Earthquake Engineering

Publications :

  • Article dans une revue - 8 documents
    • David Castro-Cruz, Filippo Gatti, Fernando Lopez‐caballero. Assessing the impact of regional geology on the ground motion model variability at the Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Nuclear Power Plant (Japan) via physics-based numerical simulation, 2021-09-01. (
    • David Castro-Cruz, Filippo Gatti, Fernando Lopez‐caballero. High-fidelity broadband prediction of regional seismic response: a hybrid coupling of physics-based synthetic simulation and empirical Green functions, 2021-05-01. (
    • Filippo Gatti, Didier Clouteau. Towards blending Physics-Based numerical simulations and seismic databases using Generative Adversarial Network, 2020-12. (
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    • Filippo Gatti, Fernando Lopez-Caballero, Didier Clouteau, Roberto Paolucci. On the effect of the 3-D regional geology on the seismic design of critical structures: the case of the Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Nuclear Power Plant, 2018. (
    • F Gatti, Fernando Lopez-Caballero, Roberto Paolucci, Didier Clouteau. Near-source effects and non-linear Site Response at Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Nuclear Power Plant, in the 2007 Chuetsu-Oki Earthquake: evidence from surface and downhole records and 1D numerical simulations, 2018. (
    • F Gatti, Sara Touhami, Fernando Lopez‐caballero, D. Clouteau, V Fernandes, M. Kham, F. Voldoire. Broad-band 3-D earthquake simulation at nuclear site by an all-embracing source-to-structure approach, 2018. (
    • Sotirios Argyroudis, Grigorios Tsinidis, F Gatti, Kyriazis Pitilakis. Effects of SSI and lining corrosion on the seismic vulnerability of shallow circular tunnels, 2017. (
  • Communication dans un congrès - 10 documents
    • Korres Michail, F Gatti, Vinicius Alves Fernandes, Fernando Lopez‐caballero, Zentner Irmela, François Voldoire. Impact of 3D seismic input motion definition from physics-based simulations for soil-structure interaction studies, 2019-06-24. (
    • Martin Colvez, Fernando Lopez‐caballero, F Gatti, Régis Cottereau. Assessing the influence of around-source deep crustal heterogeneities on the seismic wave propagation by 3-D broad-band numerical modelling, 2019-05-26. (
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    • Filippo Gatti, Fernando Lopez‐caballero, Didier Clouteau. One-dimensional seismic soil response at the nuclear power plant of kashiwazaki-kariwa during the 2007 niigata-chuetsu-oki earthquake, 2015-09-01. (
  • Pré-publication, Document de travail - 1 document
    • F Gatti, Sara Touhami, Fernando Lopez-Caballero, Roberto Paolucci, D. Clouteau, Vinicius Fernandes, M. Kham, F. Voldoire. Broad-band 3-D earthquake simulation at nuclear site by an all-embracing source-to-structure approach, 2018-08-23. (
  • Thèse - 1 document
    • Filippo Gatti. Analyse physics-based de scénarios sismiques «de la faille au site» : prédiction de mouvement sismique fort pour l’étude de vulnérabilité sismique de structures critiques., 2017-09-25. (