La Fabrique, CentraleSupélec FabLab


Since September 2012, CentraleSupélec has had an area dedicated to technological innovation, a FabLab called La Fabrique.


The CentraleSupélec Paris-Saclay campus has an area specifically dedicated to technological innovation, a FabLab called La Fabrique. In this 1500 m² FabLab, pooled resources for rapid scale modeling and prototyping are available for all school members: student-engineers, research team members, incubator start-ups, etc. The initiative is voluntarily supported by the Studies Directorate and the incubator, which co-finance this resource.


It comprises several production machines, including a rapid 3D printing machine, a vacuum casting machine and various tools. Contactless 3D digitalization resources are also available, as well as a range of CAD software. Support is available to help project leaders through the phases of design, scale modeling, prototyping and industrialization.


Pooling of resources facilitates exchanges between the various FabLab users, – students, instructor-researchers and entrepreneurs – and a real culture of innovation through practice is developed, enabling the testing of ideas in real scenarios as soon as is feasibly possible. Each year, around 40 projects use the resources of La Fabrique.


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