For more than 100 years, the École Centrale Paris Foundation (formerly “Centrale Paris Développement”, also called “La Société des Amis” (The Society of Friends) has set itself the aim of enabling all students to study in the best possible conditions, without letting financial worries be an obstacle to their success.

Recognized for its public utility since 2012 and status in sponsoring research, the Foundation offers all means for tax deduction and a range of support for both private and corporate donors.


The École Centrale Paris Foundation now aims to perpetuate the tradition of solidarity, with three main objectives: to uphold the excellent teaching and enable students to complete their program in the best possible conditions, to affirm the values of CentraleSupélec in France and internationally and, of course, to support the school in its primary development projects, including its installation within the Université Paris-Saclay.

A real bridge between the school and its community of students, their parents, alumni and companies, the Foundation is available to all who wish to visit the school, to know more about CentraleSupélec projects, or to organize an event on the campus, a class reunion, a meeting, etc.

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Along with École Centrale Paris and the Association des Centraliens, the Foundation aims to further develop its teaching excellence and to affirm our values in France and internationally.

Today, when École Centrale Paris is taking its place among the best institutions in the world, the Foundation will be a major asset for the school’s future and its global reputation more than ever before.

Its field of action is vast, thanks to the solidarity of an increasing number of donors from the École Centrale community, students’ parents and partner companies through:


Georges Chodron de Courcel
President of the Foundation 


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Nathalie Bousseau
Director of the École Centrale Paris Foundation


Alumni from Ecole Centrale Paris represent more than 31,000 engineers worldwide.

They work in all kinds of business areas: Industry, consulting, energy, finance, etc.

Most famous ones are Gustave Eiffel, Armand Peugeot, André and Edouard Michelin and Francis Bouygues. They made Centrale Paris history. More recently, Bernard Liautaud (Business Objects, now SAP), Stéphane Dehoche,  Stéphane Dietrich et Thomas Boudalier (Neolane, bought by Adobe) or VLC Média Player 's team (Brieuc Jeunhomme, Alexis de Lattre, Tristan Leteurtre et Damien Lucas) showed the potential and creation talent of Centrale alumni.

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