CentraleSupélec research is at the heart of major technological and societal challenges

Covering all of the engineering and system sciences. Our research sustains and guarantees the teaching excellence of our faculty members, and consistently brings new knowledge and innovative answers to the major technological challenges, and societal values ​​of the 21st century.

To do so, the school focuses on seven major themes:

  • Energy
  • Environment and Risks
  • Health and Biotechnologies
  • Nanoscience
  • Communication Systems
  • Company Systems
  • Transportation and Aeronautics




Partners in France


The CEA is a public research agency, focusing on four fields: Defense and Security, Nuclear Energy (fission and fusion), Technological Research for Industry and Fundamental Research (matter and life sciences).



The National Center for Scientific Research is a multidisciplinary public research agency. It undertakes research in all scientific, technological and societal fields, ranging from Mathematics, Physics, Science and IT and Communication Technologies, Nuclear and High Energy Physics, Planetary and Universe Sciences, Chemistry, Life Sciences, Human and Social Sciences, and Environment and Engineering Sciences.



The French National Institute for Research in Computer Sciences is a scientific and technological public research agency. It promotes “scientific excellence applied to technological transfer and society”. Inria has 2,700 employees hand-picked from the best universities all over the world, who together are tackling the challenges of information sciences and mathematics.



The French National Institute of Health and Medical Research is a scientific and technological public research agency specialized in medical research, under the dual authority of the Ministry for Research and the Ministry of Health.



The French National Research Institute of Science and Technology for Environment and Agriculture is a public research agency which, for over 30 years, has worked on the major issues concerning responsible agriculture and sustainable urban planning, water management and associated risks, drought, floods, the study of complex ecosystems and biodiversity in their interrelations with human activities.



ONERA is the French National Aeronautics, Space and Defense Research Lab. A multidisciplinary agency with unrivalled resources for experimentation in Europe, it places its skills at the service of programming agencies, institutions and industrial actors.


European Center of Biotechnology and Bioeconomy 

Located in a town called Pomacle, the European Center of Biotechnology and Bioeconomy in the Champagne-Ardennes region brings together four private and public research teams via its innovation platform: the CentraleSupélec Biotechnology Center, the Agro-Bio-Industry Center of AgroParisTech, the NEOMA Business School Bioeconomy Center and a future center supported by the University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne.



International partners

CentraleSupélec co-manages five international laboratories with local partners in Canada, China, Brazil, Singapore and the United States.