International Published on 03/22/2019

CentraleSupélec and University of Cambridge are celebrating ten years of exceptional partnership. This prestigious agreement, initiated in 2008/2009, has been strengthened over the years, forging strong and loyal ties between the two institutions. Today, nearly 40 students have participated in this program of exchanges of excellence since its inception.

For the current year, CentraleSupélec and Cambridge have selected four students for a peer-to-peer exchange, based on real reciprocity. Students from the Engineering Department of the University of Cambridge are welcomed for one year of study at CentraleSupélec.

They complete the equivalent of their 3rd year (which corresponds to a year of pre-specialization). They follow a personalized program, based essentially on CentraleSupélec's 2nd year curriculum, which mixes elective choice and innovation projects.

CentraleSupélec's 2nd year students selected to go to Cambridge are doing a 3rd year of Master of Engineering. They choose a major discipline out of the 9 offered in the curriculum, and complement their teaching with courses in economics and business and complementary modules.