Deadlines for submitting applications

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Submit your online application between November and June.

Candidates are selected on the strength of their application and interview:

  • Session 1
    Application deadline: Sunday, January 3, 2016
    Admission panel: January 29, 2016
  • Session 2
    Application deadline: Sunday, March 6, 2016
    Admission panel: March 25, 2016
  • Session 3
    Application deadline: Sunday, May 1, 2016
    Admission panel: May 25, 2016
  • Session 4
    Application deadline: Sunday, June 19, 2016
    Admission panel: July 19, 2016



For foreign national applicants (outside of the European Union and European Economic Area (EEA), Switzerland, Monaco or Andorra):

Consult the consular authorities concurrently to find out the procedures for obtaining your student visa. Depending on which country you are from, some authorities may ask you to use the Campus France facility.

The CampusFrance procedure must be followed concurrently with submission of your application to your choice of study program to CentraleSupélec.

Selection and registration

How are candidates selected?

Selection is based on the strength of applications, followed by interviews.

  • Application
    Submit your application on our online platform.
  • Eligibility
    Eligibility is the first stage of the selection procedure and is conferred on examination of the application.
  • Admission
    Eligible candidates are invited to an interview, which takes place before a jury comprised of instructors and professionals from the world of business. Final acceptance of the application is decided by a final jury at the end of the recruitment session.



What are the application conditions?


  • Have completed five years of higher education in France or abroad.
    Have graduated from an engineering school or CGE (Conférence des Grandes Écoles) member business school, hold a Master’s or Doctorate, or an equivalent foreign degree.


  • Have completed four years of higher education and have a minimum of three years of professional experience


  • Qualify for an exceptional derogation
    Candidates who do not meet the formal criteria but present an exceptional profile may also be considered according to the regulations defined by the CGE.



Specialized Master’s application requests

For co-certification or partnership Specialized Master’s:




  • CentraleSupélec Specialized Master’s team - Tel.: +33 (0)1 41 13 15 00 -

Inscrivez-vous à un cocktail de présentation


centrale supélec

Once selected, candidates are invited to confirm their pre-registration by paying an initial deposit toward their registration fees. This confirmation enables foreign candidates to confirm their pre-registration in order to complete the required procedures with consular authorities to obtain their student visa, and also to facilitate finding accommodation in France for the duration of their program.

Final registration, accompanied by payment of the remaining registration fees, must be completed in person at CentraleSupélec at the beginning of the program. Selected candidates are informed of their selection by e-mail or mail. Those applicants who do not complete their final registration at the beginning of September will not receive a refund of their €1,500 deposit.