Research Published on 02/22/2018

Gustave Roussy Institute and CentraleSupélec have signed an agreement to strengthen their partnership in the field of big data and artificial intelligence in cancer research.

Frédérique Vidal, Minister of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, came to Gustave Roussy on Friday February 9 to meet the researchers. They pointed to the crucial role of big data and artificial intelligence in cancer research. It materialized in the signing of a framework agreement between CentraleSupélec and Gustave Roussy in the presence of the Minister. During her visit to the building dedicated to molecular medicine, they also shared on integrative research. As an integrated center for research, care and education, Gustave Roussy promotes the alliance of fundamental, translational and clinical research to bring therapeutic innovation to all its patients at all levels.

The framework agreement which was signed in the presence of the Minister by Prof. Alexander Eggermont, Managing Director of Gustave Roussy and Estelle Iacona, Deputy Director General in Education and Research, formalizes an already active collaboration between the two institutions. Engaged in a strong partnership policy, the two institutions share a common ambition for their development prospects in the interdisciplinary field of medical research, more specifically that of cancer research.

This agreement sets a framework to further unite the forces in training and research of CentraleSupélec and Gustave Roussy. This is to promote interdisciplinarity and to develop joint research projects and actions in the various spheres of laboratories expertise.
Indeed, medical research, particularly in the field of cancer, covers a wide scientific area as to the diversity and complexity of the systems studied, the understanding of the phenomena that characterize them and the formulation of the scientific questions that arise from them. It therefore calls for the full range of scientific and technological disciplines and skills, from exact and experimental sciences to human and social sciences.

The collaboration between Gustave Roussy and CentraleSupélec has several objectives:

  • encourage the regular exchange of information on the activities of both institutions and improve dissemination of knowledge
  • develop research around concrete projects; the teams will collaborate on projects such as Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Radiomics, or even 3D images
  • strengthen the skills acquisition of CentraleSupélec students
  • promote cooperation in transfer and valorization for socio-economic applications
  • encourage an "entrepreneurship" approach around the theme of health data and cancer treatment valorization.

This rapprochement will also result in courses participation, joint seminars, or even joint education at the crossroads of medicine and engineering sciences.

The Minister of Higher Education, Research and Innovation has acknowledged the rapprochement between the two institutions and the interdisciplinarity that links them in their objective of serving research and fighting against cancer.