CentraleSupélec, a major contributor to the construction of Université Paris-Saclay


Université Paris-Saclay brings together over 30,000 students, nearly 20% of French research and some of the most innovative businesses. It will not only be the leading European scientific cluster but will also feature in the top 20 of the world's university clusters. In 2012, it was awarded the "Initiative d'Excellence" (IDEX) label, in recognition of the strength of its research and the quality of the training provided by all the establishments it hosts.

CenterSupélec is committed to being at the very core of Université Paris-Saclay, both in teaching and research. The CentraleSupélec Research Centre has paved the way for this.

CentraleSupélec participates in 5 of the 10 research departments of Université Paris-Saclay:

And participates in several transversal groups: energy, materials, HPC, ...

CentraleSupélec responded in March 2015 to the call to set up an experimental smart grid on university campuses, in the context of the LiveGrid consortium, coordinated by Université Paris-Saclay and EDF. If taken further, this project will lay the foundations to make the Paris-Saclay campus a leading economic hub in Europe in terms of smart grids. LiveGrid plans to develop a smart grid that optimises the energy management of the campus and to meet the collective and individual needs of everyone on it, which includes 80,000 students, teachers and researchers.