Tuition fees

Budget outline

Centrale supélec


Study fees

  • Tuition fees for standard Master’s tracks are €256 (for 2017-2018).


For students registering for the International Master’s program M2 Decision Support and Business Intelligence (Erasmus Mundus IT4BI):


Tuition fees

Non-European student

European student


M2 Decision Support and Business Intelligence




For students registering for the Nuclear Energy International Master’s:    


Study fees

Non-European student

European student

Nuclear Energy: 1st year



Nuclear Energy: 2nd year

If continuing’ from Nuclear Energy 1st year





For students registering for the following International Master’s programs, registration fees are detailed as follows: 


Study fees

Non-European student

European student

- Complex Systems Engineering

M1 (Research route)

M2 Design Engineering

M2 Industrial and Logistics Systems Engineering


- Civil Engineering

M1 Geomechanics: Installations, Water, Reservoirs

M2 Geomechanics: Installations, Water, Reservoirs


- Materials Science and Engineering

M1 Advanced Materials Engineering

M2 Advanced Materials Engineering (beginning in 2017-2018)


- Energy

M1 Energy: Materials, Transfers, Electrical Systems


- Electronics, Electrical Energy and Automation

M2 Advanced Wireless Communication Systems




















Health cover

  • Student social security: €217 (2016/2017 amount)
  • Preventive medicine: €5.10 (2015/2016 amount)
  • LMDE Centre 601 (100% reimbursement): €252 (Subscription ranging from €57 - €380/year)
  • SMEREP Centre 617 (100% reimbursement): €330 (Subscription ranging from €99 - €588/year)



  • Accommodation in Vincent Fayot CROUS Residence – Châtenay-Malabry: 1-bed bedroom – 9 m², €155/month.
  • Accommodation in Saints-Sauveurs CROUS Residence – Fontenay aux Roses: 1 room, 14.5 m² - 24 m², €321 - €405/month.
  • Accommodation in Olympe de Gouges CROUS Residence – Fontenay-aux-Roses: 1 room, 16 m² - 25 m², €436 - €537/month
  • Accommodation in Louise Bourgeois CROUS Residence – Antony: 1 room - studio, €420 - €537/month


CROUS Restaurant

  • University restaurant: €3.5 per meal, approximately €2,000 per year.


Financial support

  • Means-tested grants ranging from €1,008 to €5,545 (2015/2016 amounts)
  • French government grants (for foreign students)
  • CROUS social services
  • Personalized housing benefit

Contact: and



Bourse de mobilité internationale (IDEX-SACLAY)

centrale supélec


The IdEx Paris-Saclay project, of which CentraleSupélec is a partner, wants to promote the international dimensions of Master’s degree level programs within partner establishments and to attract highly capable international students wishing to develop a research project to the doctorate level.

Therefore, for each university year, we offer one-year scholarships (in the event of admission to 2nd year of a Master’s degree) renewable (in the event of admission in the 1st year of a Master’s degree, on the condition of success), for international students to join a CentraleSupélec Master’s program.

Candidates must first submit their application online (“Apply” section) and specify in the Sponsorship section that they would like to apply for the IdEx-Saclay scholarship. Candidates who are admitted and selected will be contacted to finalize their scholarship application.


Ile-de-France Master’s scholarship

International candidates for a Master’s program may obtain financial support from the Ile-de-France Regional Council.

This financial support is for newly arrived foreigners aged 30 and younger in the year of selection and wishing to complete a Master’s degree, no matter which discipline.

All nationalities are eligible. Priority will nevertheless be given to candidates from high-priority decentralized cooperation areas both in the Region and from developing countries, in particular candidates from Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe, the Middle East or new Member States of the European Union.

  • Candidates must first submit an online application and specify in the Sponsorship section that they wish to apply for the Ile-de-France sponsorship.

After having first submitted their online application for their chosen Master’s program, and having obtained the sponsorship application on the Ile-de-France Regional Council website, international candidates must then send it by post, along with all relevant documents – before March 1 – to:

  • Master’s Program
    CentraleSupélec - Direction des Études
    Bâtiment Olivier - Bureau Nº 104
    Grande Voie des Vignes
    92295 Châtenay-Malabry Cedex

The Directorate of Studies may define the list of eligible candidates before their scholarship applications have been transmitted to the Regional Council for deliberation within the required timeline.


Scholarships offered on the CampusFrance website

The CampusFrance CampusBourses directory provides rapid access to information on financial help and enables you to personalize your search according to your profile, presenting the programs of government institutions, local organizations, companies and higher education institutions.

Please remember that it is important to first submit your application to the online application website (Application section) in order for us to send you, in the event that you are successful, a letter of support for requesting a scholarship.

Registration of successful candidates

Administrative registration

  • You are invited to arrange accommodation near to CentraleSupélec (Gif-sur-Yvette campus). To help you, a booklet summarizing accommodation options can be sent to you upon request if you contact the SGAE.
  • For candidates from a foreign country, please undertake any mandatory formalities through consular authorities as soon as possible to obtain a visa to study in France.
  • Registration procedures, along with all information relating to the beginning of the academic year in September will be accessible online from mid-July. The information about connection (password...) will be sent to you via e-mail. Administrative registration procedures will take place at the beginning of September at the time and under the conditions specified.

IMPORTANT: In order to be able to present yourself as a candidate for CentraleSupélec, please ensure that you are available from next September onwards, as some lessons and teaching meetings may begin at that time.