Tuition fees

centrale supélec


Application fees (non-refundable)

  • €165 for applications submitted online 

Deposit to be paid by students admitted (non-refundable in the event of student non-attendance): €1,500

Registration fees

Prices vary between €10,900 and €19,000 according to the Specialized Master’s program.

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Full-time Specialized Master’s programs

Mastères spécialisés Part-Time :



Budget outline for a Specialized Master’s student 2017/2018


Tuition fees 


Registration fees (for information purposes only, varies according to program) (2016-17 prices)

€10,900 - €19,000

Student Social Security (2016-2017 prices)




Other costs


Health insurance


LMDE Centre 601 (100% reimbursement)*


SMEREP Centre 617 (100% reimbursement)**


* Subscription ranging from €57 - €379.20/year
** Subscription ranging from €99 - €588/year




Accommodation in Vincent Fayot CROUS Residence – Châtenay-Malabry


1-bed bedroom – 9 m²

€154.20/month charges inclusive

Accommodation in Saints-Sauveurs CROUS Residence – Fontenay aux Roses


1 room, 14.5 m² - 24 m²

€321.50 - €404.90/month charges inclusive

Accommodation in Louise Bourgeois CROUS Residence – Antony


1 room - studio

€420 - €537/month charges inclusive

Accommodation in Olympe de Gouges CROUS Residence – Fontenay-aux-Roses


1 room, 16 m² - 25 m²

€436 - €537/month charges inclusive


Photocopy card (sold in the library)


50 copies


100 copies



CROUS Restaurant


University restaurant

€3.25 per meal



Students enrolled for Specialized Master’s programs with CentraleSupélec may be eligible for several funding options for their studies.


Students enrolled for Specialized Master’s programs with CentraleSupélec may be eligible for several funding options for their studies.

Partner companies for certain Specialized Master’s agree to fund part or all of the tuition fees for some students in the program.

Two Specialized Master’s today offer partner scholarships:

  • Purchasing Manager in Technology and Industry (€7,500 scholarships)
  • Civil Engineering for Major Energy Installations


End-of-study internship

A six-month internship in a company (or minimum four months) is paid (average approximately €1,400 per month). This internship often leads to a job offer.


Professionalization Contract

The Professionalization Contract is for young people between the ages of 16 and 25 years, job seekers aged 26 years and over and individuals receiving certain specific benefits or under certain contracts.

The aim of this contract is to obtain a professional qualification or complete an initial course with a corresponding qualification in view of obtaining a defined position within a company.

Beneficiaries aged between 16 and 25 years are remunerated with a percentage of the minimum wage according to their age and education level, while employees aged 26 years old and over will receive a salary that cannot be lower than the French minimum wage or less than 85% of the conventional minimum wage.

This contract gives the employer access to OPCA subsidies, as well as, for certain positions and certain terms and conditions, exemption from employers’ Social Security contributions.

The minimal length of the professionalization contract is 6-12 months, but can be extended to 24 months


Bank loans

Banks partnered with the school can propose loans with preferential rates for Specialized Master’s students.
To obtain a loan with preferential conditions, we also recommend the website


Housing benefits

The closest CAF (Family Allowances Authority) to your home ( can inform you about the possibilities for financial support for renting your room or apartment.
Certain university residences near the CentraleSupélec campuses offer rooms to Specialized Master’s students.


Professional training leave

Funding systems are open to company employees and job seekers under certain conditions. Financing for individual training leave is covered by State-authorized funding organizations.


Ongoing training funding options

For further information, please contact CentraleSupélec Executive Education:


Study scholarships for international students

International students can receive scholarships from their government or university, awarded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs upon referral from the institution, for certain countries.