Guilhem Dezanneau


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Résumé :

  • My activity concerns the theoretical and experimental study of nanostructured functional oxides for energy applications in particular SOFCs. I have some experience in the synthesis and shaping of materials for SOFCs and in the development of electrical measurements applied to ion-conductors (O2-, H+), in their bulk or nanostructured form. Parallely, i work on theoretical approaches through classical molecular dynamics and Density Functional Theory to design new ion conductors. Finally, we recently developped some specific tools to characterise the mechanical properties of materials for SOFCs.

Mots clés :

  • Fuel Cells, functional oxides, conductivity, Resonant Ultrasound spectroscopy, Modeling of solids, ion conductors

Publications :

  • Communication dans un congrès - 6 documents
    • Omar Rahmouni, Giulio Cordaro, C. Pirovano, V. Duffort, R.-N. Vannier, Guilhem Dezanneau. A high throughput study of the Ba(Ce,Sn,Zr)0.8Y0.1Yb0.1O3-δ system, 2022-06-08. (
    • Giulio Cordaro, J. Sirvent, Omar Rahmouni, F. Baiutti, A. Morata, A. Tarancón, Guilhem Dezanneau. High-Throughput Investigation of Thin Film Ba(Ce,Sn,Zr)0.8Y0.1Yb0.1O3-δ Ternary System as Electrolyte for Protonic Ceramic Cells, 2022-06-08. (
    • Omar Rahmouni, Giulio Cordaro, C. Pirovano, V. Duffort, R.-N. Vannier, Guilhem Dezanneau. Une étude (à haut débit) du système Ba(Ce,Sn,Zr)0.8Y0.1Yb0.1O3-δ, 2022-05-30. (
    • Giulio Cordaro, J. Sirvent, D. Thiaudière, Omar Rahmouni, F. Baiutti, A. Morata, C. Pirovano, R.-N. Vannier, A. Tarancón, Guilhem Dezanneau. High-Throughput Investigation of Thin Film Ternary Systems for Solid Oxide Cells, 2022-05-30. (
    • Ciria Désirée, Nhat Quang Ta, Guilhem Dezanneau, Véronique Aubin. Durability of fuel cells - size of a representative volume element, 2018-05-27. (
    • Paul Haghi-Ashtiani, Mohamed Ben Hassine, Ciria Désirée, M. Jimenez-Melendo, Véronique Aubin, Guilhem Dezanneau. Electron microscopy characterization of yttrium-doped barium zirconate electrolytes prepared with Ni additive: Influence of hydrogen treatment, 2016-08-28. (
  • Article dans une revue - 21 documents
    • D. Ciria, V. Aubin, M. Jimenez-Melendo, G. Dezanneau. High-temperature mechanical behavior of proton-conducting yttrium-doped barium zirconate perovskite, 2021. (
    • Chenyi Li, Hichem Dammak, Guilhem Dezanneau. Identification of oxygen diffusion mechanisms in Nd 1−x AE x BaInO 4−x/2 (AE = Ca, Sr, Ba) compounds through molecular dynamics, 2019-10-02. (
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