Magali Dupuy


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Mots clés :

  • Mécanique des fluides numérique

Publications :

  • Communication dans un congrès - 3 documents
    • Magali Dupuy, Arunvady Xayasenh, Emmanuel Waz, H. Duval. A wall-function model for non-Brownian hydrosol particles deposition, 2016-05-22. (
    • Magali Dupuy, Arunvady Xayasenh, Emmanuel Waz, Pierre Le Brun, Hervé Duval. ANALYSIS OF PARTICLE DEPOSITION FROM TURBULENT LIQUID-FLOW ONTO SMOOTH CHANNEL WALLS, 2014-06-17. (
    • Arunvady Xayasenh, Magali Dupuy, Laurent Joly, Hervé Duval. Direct numerical simulation of oxide inclusion turbulent deposition at liquid steel/slag interface, 2013-05-26. (
  • Article dans une revue - 4 documents
    • Magali Dupuy, Arunvady Xayasenh, Hervé Duval, Emmanuel Waz. Analysis of non-Brownian particle deposition from turbulent liquid-flow, 2016-03. (
    • C Rébufa, A Traboulsi, V Labed, Nathalie Dupuy, M Sergent. Experimental design approach for identification of the factors influencing the γ-radiolysis of ion exchange resins, 2015. (
    • Ali Traboulsi, Nathalie Dupuy, Catherine Rebufa, M Sergent, V Labed. Investigation of gamma radiation effect on the anion exchange resin Amberlite IRA-400 in hydroxide form by Fourier transformed infrared and 13C nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopies, 2012. (
    • Oswin Galtier, Nathalie Dupuy, Yveline Le Dréau, Denis Ollivier, C Pinatel, J Kister, J Artaud. Geographic origins and compositions of virgin olive oils determinated by chemometric analysis of NIR spectra, 2007. (
  • Thèse - 1 document