Benedetta Franzelli

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Publications :

  • Article dans une revue - 20 documents
  • Pré-publication, Document de travail - 1 document
    • Jean-Maxime Orlac'H, Nasser Darabiha, Vincent Giovangigli, Benedetta Franzelli. A conservative model for high-throughput synthesis of nanoparticles in reacting gas flows, 2019-11-22. (
  • Communication dans un congrès - 5 documents
    • Mathieu Roussillo, Philippe Scouflaire, Sébastien Candel, Benedetta Franzelli. A new experimental database for the investigation of soot in a model scale swirled combustor under perfectly premixed conditions, 2018-06-11. (
    • Pedro Rodrigues, Olivier Gicquel, Benedetta Franzelli, Nasser Darabiha, Ronan Vicquelin. Coupled Monte-Carlo simulation of a Turbulent Sooting Diffusion Jet Flame, 2018-04-11. (
    • Pedro Rodrigues, Ronan Vicquelin, Benedetta Franzelli, Nasser Darabiha, Olivier Gicquel. Impact of Radiation Modeling in Large Eddy Simulation of a Turbulent Sooting Diffusion Ethylene-Air Flame, 2017-04-03. (
    • Benedetta Franzelli, Eleonore Riber, Benedicte Cuenot, Matthias Ihme. Numerical Modeling of Soot Production in Aero-Engine Combustors Using Large Eddy Simulations, 2015. (
    • Benedetta Franzelli, Aymeric Vié, Benoit Fiorina, Nasser Darabiha. Large Eddy simulation of swirling kerosene/air spray flame using tabulated chemistry, 2013. (
  • Thèse - 1 document
    • Benedetta Giulia Franzelli. Impact of the chemical description on Direct Numerical Simulation and Large Eddy Simulation of turbulent combustion in industrial aero-engines, 2011-09-19. (